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Created by team NexTech Nexus on August 18, 2023

EchoMeet.assist: Elevating Productivity Through Voice and Automation EchoMeet.assist is a groundbreaking project that transforms productivity by seamlessly combining the power of natural language processing and automation. This innovation empowers users to effortlessly schedule meetings, compose emails, and extract insights from their inbox, all through natural conversations. Powered by Zapier's Natural Language Action API (NLA), EchoMeet.assist automates tasks like scheduling meetings and sending emails. Additionally, it leverages ElevenLabs' text-to-speech API for a harmonious auditory experience. The entire experience is presented through a Streamlit application, offering an intuitive interface for users. Experience the future of productivity with EchoMeet.assist as it simplifies your work life through the synergy of voice interaction and intelligent automation.

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