E-commerce Assistant

Created by team MindPulse on March 25, 2024

Our project introduces a groundbreaking AI-powered Gemini-based chatbot designed to revolutionize the e-commerce experience, dramatically increasing conversion rates and reducing cart abandonment. By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies such as Milvus vectorstore for scalable data retrieval, Gemini LLM as an LLM agent, and the OpenAI Ada embeddings for advanced product recommendations, our chatbot mirrors the capabilities of an in-store assistant online. It offers personalized product suggestions, detailed comparisons, and technical specifications, along with handling customer service inquiries efficiently. We focus on building a customer-centric, specialistic solution to solve real-life problems. For that we leverage techniques such as continual learning and adaptability to each customer's needs through few-shot learning and dynamic response templates. This solution not only enhances the customer shopping experience but also provides invaluable insights into customer behavior, leading to increased average order values, sales growth, and improved SEO. With a focus on AI safety and the possibility of on-premise model hosting, our approach is both innovative and secure. Our team brings expertise in LLMs, AI, ML, and web development, ensuring a comprehensive, customer-centric approach to e-commerce challenges.

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"Valuable problem, pretty good command of the technology, clear presentation. The focus on polish brands and electronics is smart from a business perspective. Overall, high quality submission"


Luigi Pedace


"Great job! Your submission shows a strong grasp of the problem"


Theodoros Ampas

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