Email generator

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Created by team Squidwards on August 28, 2023

The project offers a user-friendly interface for generating customized emails. Users can fill in details such as sender's name, recipient's name, email subject, tone (formal, casual, friendly), preferred email length, and any extra details they want to include. Additionally, users can upload attachments (PDFs, text files, DOCX files). Upon clicking the "Create Email" button, the application processes the user inputs and uses the Clarifai API to generate the email content. The generated email is displayed in the preview section of the second column. The application provides links to open the email content in the user's default email client or Gmail, with pre-filled subject and body based on the generated content. Leveraging templates and user inputs, the langchain library helps create contextually relevant email content. The application utilizes the clarifai_grpc package to interact with the Clarifai API, specifically a llama2-13b chat model, to enhance email generation. The application is built with Streamlit, which simplifies the creation of the user interface and interaction with the backend code.

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