Medical Bot Using LLAMA2

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Created by team PopeyeX on September 15, 2023

A medical bot is a conversational AI tool that can provide medical information and support to patients. Medical bots can be used to answer questions about symptoms, treatments, and medications, as well as to provide coaching and support for patients with chronic conditions. The challenge is to develop a medical chatbot application using cutting-edge AI technology that can provide accurate and coherent medical information and assistance in real-time. This project requires addressing issues related to algorithmic precision, diverse medical data integration, medical knowledge incorporation, and real-time response capabilities. Our medical chatbot solution represents a cutting-edge fusion of AI technology and medical expertise. It stands ready to assist users with accurate, real-time medical information and guidance. With diverse data sources, a deep understanding of medical concepts, our chatbot ensures that individuals can access essential healthcare information with ease. Whether it's offering advice on common symptoms or providing recommendations for seeking professional medical help, our chatbot is a reliable and user-friendly healthcare companion

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