Educational Assistant Using Phi-2

Created by team RayRay on February 02, 2024

Core Functionalities Text-Based Q&A: Phi-Learn Assistant will feature a text-based interface where students can type their questions and receive detailed explanations, definitions, and context for various subjects. Homework Guidance: The assistant will offer step-by-step guidance for solving problems, prompting students to think through the problem by asking guiding questions. Study Resources Compilation: Phi-Learn Assistant can compile and present study resources, such as articles, videos, and papers, relevant to the student’s queries and subjects of interest. Language Support: The tool will include a language practice feature, where students can learn new vocabulary, practice grammar, and receive translations for phrases or sentences. Custom Quiz Generation: Phi-Learn Assistant will generate custom quizzes for students to test their knowledge, based on the topics they've been studying or querying about.

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