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Created by team Hacktolive on July 31, 2023

Introducing AI-Splain, the revolutionary website plugin that speaks! It empowers your website with an autonomous sales guide, effortlessly narrating and auto-scrolling your content. In the competitive world of online business, landing pages play a crucial role. While visuals are essential, they alone may not be enough to capture user attention. That's where a vocal guide comes in, enhancing the visitor experience and significantly boosting engagement. Landing pages often contain a wealth of vital information, and businesses don't want their customers to miss any of it. However, these pages can be overwhelming to navigate, leading to a high bounce rate when visitors are left to explore on their own without clear guidance. With AI-Splain, you can now add a guided voice that gracefully walks your visitors through your landing page. The best part is that the assistant auto-generates the script based on your landing page's content, saving you time and effort. Simply provide our assistant with your essential business knowledge, and it will skillfully engage your visitors in interactive conversation sessions. Adding the AI-Splain widget to any website is a breeze, requiring just a single line of code. No complicated setup is necessary; it works straight out of the box, seamlessly integrating with your website to deliver an unparalleled user experience. Embrace the future of customer interaction and boost your landing page's effectiveness with AI-Splain.

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"Remarkable problem-solving skills! I like this focus on using AI and you're solving an important issue. For further improvement, I would like to see how you can convince people to pay for your product and how you can differentiate from other AI platforms by leveraging technology. Keep going!"


Iris Guo