InvestMate - Mutual Fund Advisor

Created by team Neural Net Ninjas on May 03, 2024

Investmate is an AI Assistant that lets its user explore our list of mutual funds, and helps in creating a diversified portfolio for wide range of investment objectives. The user can interact with Investmate and ask questions. Investmate can give portfolio based on several different characteristics. Some of them are current age, risk tolerance, and retirement age. Based on answers to these questions, Investmate selects appropriate funds based on investment duration, risk tolerance to select from a wide range of mutual funds. This is targeted towards investment firms and can also target individuals. Mutual fund industry is a behemoth with nearly 33 trillion dollars in assets. There are nearly 160 millions individual investors in US. Even a $5/per month fees with 20% user base in year 5 would give more than 1.8 billion dollars in revenue per year. The goal of this project is to develop a fully-functional OpenAI chat application that illustrates: 1. Streaming OpenAI Assistant responses from the server to deliver real time responses. 2. Customizing the appearance and behavior of your OpenAI chat application. 3. Handling a long thread of messages without losing context. 4. Designing an OpenAI app to work on both mobile and desktop. The InvestMate presents a strong value proposition for investment advisory firms, bridging the gap between vast data quantities and actionable insights.With strategic pricing and targeted marketing, this chatbot is poised for successful market penetration and sustained growth. Technologies used: OpenAI LLM, AI Assistant, RAG, Nodejs, LLM Response Evaluation.

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