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Created by team Krebit Team on May 03, 2024

* Business Value and Market Impact - AI Story Maker opens new opportunities in the growing digital book publishing industry, estimated at $22 billion. - Authors often struggle with the time-consuming process of Amazon KDP niche research, content creation, and optimization for Amazon KDP. - "AI Story Maker" addresses the growing demand for automated solutions in content creation, particularly in the competitive book publishing industry. By reducing the time and expertise required to research, write, and optimize books for Amazon KDP, this platform enables authors and publishers to focus more on creative expression and marketing, rather than the nuances of niche research and initial content drafting. * Technology Stack and Implementation Our MVP for AI Story Maker harnesses the full capabilities of our sponsor's technology stack, ensuring an advanced, reliable, and insightful platform. Here’s how we’re utilizing MongoDB, TruLens, and Llama-Index in developing our project: - MongoDB Atlas: Hosting and querying a dataset of Amazon book keywords and KDP guidelines for optimized content creation. - TruLens: Evaluating the dataset quality on groundedness and relevance, ensuring high-standard content output. - Llama-Index: Enabling real-time data querying for dynamic content generation based on user inputs. * How it Works: From Idea to Finished Book - Users start by entering parameters like story idea, size, character details, and genre into our user-friendly interface. - AI Story Maker generates a detailed book proposal, including optimized title, description, and keywords, as well as a chapter outline. - After reviewing the proposal, if the user approves, our AI then proceeds to write full chapters. These chapters are formatted in markdown and can be downloaded directly for review or publishing.

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