Definitely Not Jarvis

Created by team LittleJumps on August 28, 2023

Advanced Query Resolution: With Clarifai's LLama2 LLM at its core, Definitely-Not-Jarvis possesses the ability to understand and interpret a wide range of user queries. Whether it's a technical question, a request for information, or even a casual inquiry, the app can swiftly comprehend the context and deliver accurate responses. Instant Assistance: Say goodbye to delays in obtaining information. Definitely-Not-Jarvis harnesses the power of LLM to provide real-time answers, ensuring that users receive the information they need exactly when they need it. This feature is particularly valuable for time-sensitive queries and situations that demand quick decision-making. Seamless Slack Integration: Seamlessly integrate it into your Slack workspace as a custom bot. Users can interact with the app by simply mentioning it i n a message or directing their queries to it. The app's user-friendly interface makes interaction intuitive, ensuring that both new and experienced users can effortlessly make the most of its capabilities. Knowledge Base Expansion*: Over time, Definitely-Not-Jarvis learns from the questions it receives and continuously improves its responses. It adapts to your team's unique communication style and specific terminology, ensuring that its accuracy and relevance become even more refined with each interaction.

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"A doc QA type of application to index internal enterprise information and then be able to ask questions about it in slack! Very cool integrations and practical use case. No link to demo unfortunately to try it out. Not clear how much of Clarifai was used."


Matthew Zeiler

CEO, Founder, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Image Recognition Wizard