Created by team SightCom on August 27, 2023

In my country, there exists an inequality affecting visually impaired individuals who lack access to essential accessibility services. This has driven me to create a mobile app that can harness the power of AI to offer a transformative solution. By enabling the visually impaired to understand the world around them, this app directly aligns with two crucial United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs): Goal 3 - "Good Health and Well-being," and Goal 10 - "Reduced Inequalities." The app is constructed using the Flutter framework for the frontend, while the backend relies on the Clarifai API for AI processing. The app also queries a database lookup API for relevant product information based on the barcode. The app contains five accessibility features, all of which can be activated through voice commands. These features are: - Scene Description: Leveraging image captioning technology, the app verbally describes the objects captured by the camera. - Color Recognition: The app enables users to identify colors of objects. - Text Recognition: The app utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert text within the camera's view into speech. - Product Reader: Once a barcode is scanned, the app provides users with information about the product. - QnA Chatbot: Powered by Llama 2 technology, users can asks questions and get responses from a virtual assistant.

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