Claude DPA

Created by team ChatDPO on June 04, 2023

Claude Data Protection Assistant is service for Data Protection Officers and Data Protection Leads to query the UK GDPR (UK Data Protection Act 2018) with a chatbot and have it provide advice on specific use cases. Claude DPA makes use of Claude's 100k context to read the contents of the Data Protection Act, and respond to any queries that the user has while being able to reference the specific articles where its information is sourced. With the added ability to reference existing text provided via prompts and user documents, Claude can better accurately help with solutions. With an OCR Plugin included, you can upload documents for text extraction and plug it right into Claude. Additional features be the ability to review redacted documentation and identify any information that has not been redacted. The scope is currently limited to the UK GDPR, but we plan to expand it to support the European GDPR and other similar legislation.

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"Awesome presentation! Data protection is such an important area that can definitely benefit from AI advancements. Your project has the potential to be a valuable tool for data protection officers. I'm excited to see what additional features you'll be adding in the future. Good luck with everything!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green