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Created by team Doweb on February 16, 2024

Doweb is described as a Swiss Army knife in the world of AI, offering users immediate access to the latest AI technologies. Currently, Doweb provides a variety of services including video and audio transcription, data analysis, text, sound, and video translation in any language, video and sound dubbing, speech synthesis in any language, voice cloning, voiceover with cloned voices, GPT-4 level AI chat, voice AI chat, coding, and other AI-related tasks, as well as image generation and recognition. The service portfolio is continuously updated with new market solutions. The Doweb team is committed to maintaining service quality and optimizing computing costs to offer the most competitive prices for AI functions. They believe that centralizing AI services in one platform is more convenient and cost-effective than using multiple resources, reducing subscription costs. Moreover, Doweb aims to provide its services worldwide, except where AI service providers are unable or unwilling to operate due to certain reasons. We assert that AI should not be feared as it expands human capabilities, makes access to knowledge and opportunities more affordable, particularly in impoverished or politically troubled countries

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