Smart Crop Advisor

Created by team Agri Innovators on January 22, 2024

The Smart Crop Advisor is an innovative agricultural solution leveraging advanced technologies to revolutionize farming practices. With the powerful GPT-4 Vision, it conducts comprehensive analyses of crop images, detecting diseases, pest infestations, and nutrient deficiencies. Integrated with the Assistants API, it generates detailed reports and actionable recommendations for farmers, ensuring real-time, data-driven insights. Accessibility is prioritized through Text to Speech functionality, making the information inclusive for all farmers. By combining cutting-edge AI with a user-friendly interface, the Smart Crop Advisor aims to empower farmers, enhance crop yields, and contribute to sustainable and resilient agriculture practices globally.

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"Brilliant idea. Farmers work hard and have been facing several difficulties regarding pest infestation and other ones. It's been great to help them effectively and timely. Good work."


Muhammad Mubashir Hassan


"Good idea for helping local farmers analyze their crops using AI. However, the results are decent, does not identify the exact disease but there is plenty of room for improvement. Try to improve the results using RAG systems. Moreover, the Github repository is not public which violates the submission guidelines. Also try to some stats centric around agriculture sector to show the impact of such products in the actual market. This product has a good chance to be a gamechanger, just need a little more effort. All the best. "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer