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Building Your Own Jarvis

JARVIS acts as an intelligent intermediary between users and a network of specialized agents. When a user interacts with the system, their message is directed to JARVIS as the primary point of contact. This initial step is where the magic begins to unfold. After understanding the user need. JARVIS navigates through a repository of specialized agents, each programmed to excel in specific tasks. Whether it's fetching information, performing calculations, or executing complex actions, JARVIS knows just the right agent for the job. Upon identifying the ideal agent, JARVIS initiates a seamless handover. The chosen agent becomes active, taking on the responsibility of fulfilling the user's request. This activation process extends to both the frontend and backend components, ensuring a cohesive and synchronized interaction between the user, JARVIS, and the chosen agent. Rather than users needing to interact with multiple agents individually, JARVIS simplifies the experience by acting as a gatekeeper. Users interact with a single point of contact, making their queries and requests in natural language, while JARVIS handles the intricate orchestration behind the scenes. To exhibit our system's potential, we've crafted a user-friendly web interface, sidestepping authentication complexities. Inside, two prototype agents—"music" and "call"—showcase our concept's prowess. As we look towards the future, our vision encompasses the integration of an expanding repertoire of specialized agents. This entails leveraging the power of prompt engineering to craft prompts that elicit precise and effective responses from the agents. By refining these prompts and training the agents, we aim to elevate the system's accuracy and versatility, enabling it to address an ever-widening array of user needs and inquiries.

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GhaGeni is developed using Web Assembly (WSAM) and Flutter. It incorporatesGoogle Cloud's large language model (Palm2 )for intelligent conversations. The user interface is designed for a seamless experience. GhaGeni utilizes a Redis database for efficient data management and prompt storage. The core idea behind GhaGeni is to provide users with a fresh perspective and help them overcome mental roadblocks by asking thought-provoking questions. It recognizes that individuals often struggle to remember crucial details or fully explore different angles when working on complex tasks. GhaGeni steps in to bridge that gap and facilitate a more fruitful and efficient problem-solving experience. When a user engages with GhaGeni, they begin by stating their objective or desired outcome. It could be anything from designing a website to planning a marketing campaign. GhaGeni then responds with a set of three questions related to the user's objective. These questions are carefully crafted to prompt the user to consider various aspects, explore different angles, and uncover hidden insights. As the user responds to each question, GhaGeni dynamically generates the next set of three questions based on their previous answers. This iterative process guides the user down a path of continuous discovery and exploration. The questions become increasingly tailored and specific to the user's unique needs, enabling them to dive deeper into their project and consider aspects they may have overlooked. Whether you're a professional working on a complex project, a student grappling with an academic task, or an individual looking for inspiration and guidance, GhaGeni is there to support you every step of the way. Embrace the power of interactive conversations and unlock your true genius with GhaGeni.

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Complementary Opposing Views - CON

News platforms are often driven by profit and incentivized to maximize user attention through echo chambers and increasingly polarizing news. This phenomenon has been observed in various media platforms, such as cable news during US elections, trending controversial videos on YouTube and TikTok, and the spread of fake news. To address these challenges, Complementary Opposing News (CON) provides readers with a diverse range of news sources and challenges them to engage with opposing views. By presenting readers with complementary opposing viewpoints, CON aims to promote critical thinking and reduce polarization. Furthermore, CON plans to leverage Google Vertex AI to make playing devil's advocate a pro-social activity for opposing viewpoints to complement each other's understanding of the world instead of tearing each other down. By using these technologies, CON aims to promote critical thinking by encouraging readers to play devil's advocate as they're exposed to opposing viewpoints in steel-manning arguments. CON aims for a more informed and less polarized society, one chrome extension download at a time. Down the road, CON hopes to become more than just an isolated chrome extension and expand internationally. By leveraging Google Vertex AI and Firebase for production-grade deployment to scale the solution to many more users and support multiple languages, reducing international conflict. Furthemore, CON is optimistic in using blockchain technologies to incentivize communities for truth-seeking and become a platform for Socratic discourse. Con's frontend is React, Typescript, Chakra UI, and backend is FastAPI and GCP. Con uses langchain and Google Vertex AI for ML models for sentiment analysis of articles and text generation and conversational assistance. CON hopes to expand the platform to offer data analysis and visualization to help users engage with a broad spectrum of opinions and determine the credibility and believability of different news.

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AIT-DiagramCodeX is a groundbreaking platform designed to redefine software development. By leveraging advanced AI technology, it seamlessly transforms natural language into diagrams, and further, into source code. This unique solution streamlines the workflows of developers, engineers, and data scientists, enhancing productivity and efficiency. The platform hosts a unique four-part user interface, which accepts natural language descriptions and uses AI to convert them into comprehensible PlantUML diagrams. Furthermore, it generates a clear PNG image of the diagram for easy communication and sharing. In a revolutionary step, AIT-DiagramCodeX also provides ready-to-use Go app source code directly from the diagrams. Hosted on Google Cloud Platform's CloudRun, AIT-DiagramCodeX promotes a collaborative environment that is accessible and shareable, creating a harmonious space for developers to work together. It employs smart pipeline systems and advanced technology to ensure a smooth, optimized transition from natural language to diagram, and subsequently, to code. AIT-DiagramCodeX is more than just a tool—it's a transformative solution designed to supercharge productivity in large enterprises. Its integration of Google's Vertex AI PaLM for accurate conversions between natural language, diagrams, and code sets it apart from other platforms in the market. Our vision with AIT-DiagramCodeX is to redefine the way we understand, share, and create in the digital world. We are not only creating a software development tool but shaping a revolutionary journey in the digital landscape. Join us as we move towards a future where technology seamlessly converges with human creativity.

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Captionize is a cutting-edge AI solution that automates the generation of video descriptions, empowering content creators on YouTube to enhance their productivity, expand their reach, and unlock new revenue opportunities. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Captionize streamlines the creation of video descriptions, saving creators valuable time and providing them with a competitive edge in the digital landscape. YouTube content creators often struggle with crafting engaging video descriptions, limiting their ability to focus on quality content and channel growth. Manual creation is time-consuming and can result in inconsistent or subpar descriptions that hinder outreach efforts and reduce audience discovery. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Captionize automatically generates compelling video descriptions. By analyzing the transcript of the video, Captionize creates informative and engaging descriptions tailored to maximize SEO performance, ensuring higher search rankings, increased organic traffic, and improved visibility on YouTube. Captionize presents a compelling business opportunity for both the product and its users. By saving time and offering unique benefits, Captionize is poised to capture a significant market share, providing substantial profits and success to content creators in the growing industry. In conclusion, Captionize revolutionizes video descriptions for YouTube content creators, offering a time-saving, AI-driven solution that optimizes SEO, expands reach, and unlocks new revenue opportunities. With its unique features and benefits, Captionize is well-positioned to thrive in the content creation market, delivering significant profits and success for both the product and its users.

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Pdf 2 Bot

Introducing Pdf2Bot, an innovative web application designed to revolutionize the way we interact with documents. With Pdf2Bot, users can effortlessly create a dynamic chatbot that seamlessly extracts information from uploaded PDF files and provides accurate answers to a wide range of queries. What sets Pdf2Bot apart is its unique ability to generate response At the core of Pdf2Bot lies the powerful text bison model from VertexAI, a cutting-edge language processing technology. This sophisticated model is specifically trained to understand and analyze textual content, enabling Pdf2Bot to comprehend the uploaded PDF documents with remarkable accuracy. Whether it's a research paper, a technical manual, or a legal document, Pdf2Bot's text bison model can handle diverse types of content, making it a versatile tool for various industries and purposes. Using Pdf2Bot is a breeze. Users simply upload their desired PDF file through the user-friendly web interface. The intelligent backend of Pdf2Bot swiftly processes the document, extracting and organizing the relevant information into a structured format. Once this initial step is complete, the magic begins. Pdf2Bot's chatbot functionality comes into play, as it leverages the processed content to provide intelligent responses to user queries. The chatbot is designed to understand natural language and can handle questions of varying complexity. Whether it's a specific fact, a concept explanation, or a request for further details, Pdf2Bot's chatbot can handle it all of them

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Typing Parrot

Typing Parrot is an integrated AI Transcriber tool within the Monday.com platform that effortlessly converts audio into text directly within work documents. Its user-friendly interface enables users to generate written content quickly without the need for manual typing. What distinguishes Typing Parrot is its integration with OpenAI's advanced language model, allowing it to automatically handle grammatical errors. Here's how it operates: Users can access the Block menu by typing "/", then select the AI Transcriber option. This opens a modal where users can record their voice by clicking the "Record" button within Monday.com work documents. As they record, the transcription appears in real time within the modal. When finished, users can click the "Stop" button. To add the transcription to the document, users simply click the "Add to Doc" button. Typing Parrot employs advanced speech recognition algorithms to accurately transcribe the spoken content into written text. It then utilizes OpenAI's cutting-edge language model to automatically check and correct any grammatical mistakes. The final corrected text seamlessly integrates into the work document, saving users valuable time and effort. By combining audio-to-text conversion convenience with OpenAI's linguistic prowess, Typing Parrot empowers users to efficiently produce high-quality written documents without the burden of manual typing or concerns about grammar accuracy.

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