Dude AI - The Ultimate Personal Assistant

Created by team Mediterranean AI on July 01, 2024

"Dude AI" is designed to revolutionize how we manage daily tasks by providing a friendly, conversational AI assistant. Users can interact with the assistant through voice or text, thanks to the integration of Microsoft Azure's speech-to-text and ElevenLabs' text-to-speech technologies. At the heart of our solution is the Gemini Flash language model, chosen for its superior performance and cost-effectiveness compared to other models like GPT-4. This model allows for natural, human-like conversations, making the assistant feel more like a helpful friend than a traditional digital tool. Our frontend is built with PyQt5, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user interface, while FastAPI powers the backend for efficient request processing. The assistant seamlessly integrates with a range of productivity APIs, including Google Meet, Google Calendar, Gmail, Zoho CRM, and Google Docs, allowing users to schedule meetings, manage emails, create documents, and more through simple voice commands. This robust architecture ensures that "Your AI Friend" is not only powerful and efficient but also user-friendly and accessible. By automating routine tasks and improving accessibility, our solution aims to enhance productivity and make task management easier and more intuitive for users. "Dude AI" is suitable for both personal and professional use, offering a scalable solution that can adapt to various user needs and environments. It represents a significant step forward in personal assistant technology, combining cutting-edge AI with a focus on user experience to deliver a truly unique and valuable tool.

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"i am so impressed by your project. really your hard work is so obvious for this project to come true. keep working on it and begin to transform it into your startup project. i am waiting to try it as a product very soon"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Lablab Head Judge

"Impressive work! I specially like the voice-recognition feature. I tried it locally and it is amazing! The business use case could improved slightly a little by providing examples of personal use cases. Other than that, I loved the architecture diagram in the presentation. It saves a lot of time understanding the workflow. Keep it up and looking forward to be one of the first user if this hits the market some day. "


Muhammad Inaamullah

ML Engineer