Cooking Companion

Created by team The Penguin Pebblers on February 22, 2024

This application is to assist people who are unsure of what to cook. They may a large variety of ingredients but are unsure of how to use them to make a meal. This is where Kitchen Chef AI comes to help. The user of the app would submit the ingredients that they have for cooking, whether from their fridge or pantry to the AI. The AI then generates three meal options that the user can choose to cook. Once chosen, the AI will then give the user a step-by-step instructions on how to cook the chosen meal. Along with this, the AI will generate that correspond to the steps of cooking. Afterwards, the user has the ability to save the meal/steps they have chosen to view on a later date. This project was built with a Flask Backend with HTML/CSS/JS. Styled with Tailwind Trulens was used to evaluate text generation. Chat gpt 3.5 and Dallie 2 were the chosen OpenAI APIs. Due to using a free account.

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