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Business Llama

📣 Exciting News from Business Llama! 📈 🚀 We're thrilled to introduce "Business Llama: Optimized for Social Engagement," our latest project that's set to transform the way you approach business planning and go-to-market (GTM) strategies. 🌟 🤖 With the power of advanced, fine-tuned models, driven by the renowned Clarifai platform, we're taking your business strategies to the next level. Here's what you can expect: 🎯 Enhanced Decision-Making: Make smarter, data-driven decisions that lead to business success. 📊 Improved Business Plans: Develop robust and realistic plans backed by deep insights. 🌐 Optimized Go-to-Market Strategies: Reach your target audience more effectively than ever before. 🏆 Competitive Advantage: Stay ahead in the market by adapting quickly to changing conditions. 💰 Resource Efficiency: Maximize resource allocation and reduce costs. 🤝 Personalization: Tailor your offerings to individual customer preferences. ⚙️ Scalability: Apply successful strategies across various products and markets. 🛡️ Risk Mitigation: Identify and address potential risks proactively. 🔄 Continuous Improvement: Keep your strategies aligned with evolving market conditions. Join us on this journey to elevate your business game! 🚀 Stay tuned for updates and exciting insights. The future of business planning and GTM strategies is here, and it's more engaging than ever. 🌐💼 #BusinessLlama #SocialEngagement #DataDrivenDecisions #Clarifai #GTMStrategies

Team Tonic
ClarifaiLlama 2OpenAIVercelCohere

PropLlama ai is a real estate platform designed to transform the daunting and intricate task of navigating the property landscape into a seamless and enjoyable experience. Our platform features an intelligent chatbot that understands, remembers, and responds to your queries like a trusted friend, making it feel like you are having a meaningful conversation with a property confidant rather than just another chatbot. Additionally, our platform offers 24/7 chat support with a team of seasoned experts, personalized property searches, insightful decision-making support, comprehensive assistance throughout the property acquisition process, and meticulous legal compliance support. This includes everything from document verification to crafting customized lease agreements. With, you get convenience, speed, and accuracy at your fingertips, making it your ultimate real estate companion and doubt resolver. Say goodbye to data overload, questionable broker integrity, and the stress of legalities. PropLlama is here to guide you through it all. The core of is powered by the Llama-13b-alternative chat model(tested with Llama-70b too) and Clarifai. It enables the chatbot to understand the context of a conversation, remember previous interactions, and generate human-like responses. It can also process text data, such as property descriptions, legal documents, and news articles, to extract relevant information and provide personalized recommendations to users. Langchain Agents and LLMs- Various tools which were built using Llama and Clarifai for variety of class of queries were intergrated using Langchain agents. LangChain is a framework designed to simplify the creation of applications using large language models (LLMs) In summary, leverages advanced technologies, such as the Llama-13b-alternative chat model, Clarifai platform, Llama-70b model for testing, and Langchain agents and LLMs,

LlamAI Agents
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Introducing the ultimate fashion companion that's set to revolutionize your closet – our fashion app is designed to empower your style decisions like never before. With a seamless interface, it's as simple as uploading images of your clothing pieces, and the app's advanced algorithms take over, transforming each item into a vividly descriptive masterpiece. Imagine this: you snap a quick photo of that elegant navy blue dress you adore, and within seconds, our app crafts a description that captures the essence of the dress – from the intricate stitching to the graceful silhouette. But it doesn't stop there. Our fashion app goes beyond mere descriptions. Are you ever in a fashion rut? Let the app be your personal stylist. Based on the clothing pieces you've uploaded, it crafts meticulously curated outfit recommendations that align with your style preferences. Whether you're aiming for a casual day out, a formal evening affair, or something uniquely in-between, our app ensures you're impeccably attired for any occasion. And to bring your fashion journey full circle, the app even generates stunning outfit images that showcase the complete look, allowing you to visualize your ensemble before you even put it on. Mix and match pieces with confidence, experimenting with colors, textures, and styles – all with the assurance that your fashion game is on point. Stay at the forefront of fashion innovation with our app's intuitive features, providing you with a personalized fashion experience that's both creative and convenient. Elevate your style, explore endless possibilities, and make your wardrobe a true reflection of your identity – all at your fingertips. Download the app now and embark on a transformative fashion adventure.

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Llama 2Clarifai

AI Resource Project Manager by Insight

Team Insight presents an innovative solution, the AI Project Resource Manager, the core concept revolves around empowering project managers to make informed decisions about resource allocation. Aimed at revolutionizing the process of assigning employees to projects. In today's dynamic business landscape, matching the right skill sets with project requirements poses challenges even for seasoned project managers. Our AI-powered tool addresses this by efficiently managing human resources across multiple projects, ensuring optimal team composition. The AI Project Resource Manager utilizes Llama-2 and Clarifai to assess employee skills and experiences, project overall context and needs. By analyzing this unstructured data, it provides project managers with informed recommendations for assembling effective project teams. This not only streamlines resource allocation but also boosts employee satisfaction by aligning individuals with projects that resonate with their expertise and interests. Designed to cater to medium to large corporations juggling numerous projects, our solution offers significant business value. It enables on-time, high-quality project delivery, translating into improved profitability. Moreover, by preventing underutilization of resources, it minimizes unnecessary costs. While technical implementation involves a series of 5 agents driven by the Llama-2 model. By combining data-driven insights with project requirements, the AI Project Resource Manager promises enhanced project outcomes, streamlined resource utilization, and a more engaged and productive workforce.

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Gitchat is an exciting new tool that enables developers to have natural conversations about their code. It aims to make understanding and navigating complex codebases effortless through the power of language models. The core innovation of Gitchat is integrating GitHub repositories with chatbots powered by large language models like LLMs. By linking code hosted on GitHub to conversational interfaces, Gitchat allows developers to simply ask questions and get intelligent answers about their projects. Gitchat works by ingesting and vectorizing code from a connected GitHub account. This allows advanced language models to build contextual understanding of the codebase. Developers can then chat with the language model by asking questions in plain English such as "what is the purpose of this class" or "how is this module interconnected with the rest of the code". The language model leverages the vectorized code, context from docs/commits, and its own reasoning capabilities to provide helpful answers. It can explain code, provide design rationale, suggest improvements, summarize implementations, and more. The conversational nature makes it easy to interact and dig deeper. Gitchat aims to solve many pain points in software development like onboarding, tribal knowledge, finding dependencies, and navigating legacy code. By creating a code companion that developers can have a dialogue with, Gitchat hopes to make developer workflows more intuitive and productive

Empower Open Source
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Our tool integrates human creativity with AI to generate emotionally-optimized content tailored to your goals. It's not just about saving time, it's about driving engagement on a limbic level. And the best part? No technical expertise required. MARKI is designed to disrupt these prevalent problems head-on, enabling unified workflows, mass personalization, performance tracking, and leveraging AI scale to transform marketing content creation. Human Nature Focused AI:
 At its core, MARKI taps into the scientifically validated reality that human decision-making is driven by emotion and the limbic system far more than rational thought.
 Extensive research across neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral economics empirically proves emotions operate faster than reasoning and reliably sway preferences. Scientists have provided overwhelming evidence of these effects.

By aligning to limbic drivers, not just logical benefits, MARKI generates marketing content to make an authentic emotional connection. This human-aware approach aims solely to drive business success through positive emotional outcomes, never nefarious purposes.

MARKI is powered by the integration of leading AI capabilities with human creativity and context. Continuous performance tracking quantifies engagement lift and optimizes responsible practices.

In summary, MARKI combines behavioral science with optimized AI to achieve a deeper emotional resonance unattainable by either alone. This human-centric, ethical application of principles is the differentiating advantage.

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Neurolitiks Public Policies SOP with AI agents

Neurolitiks isn't just another tool in the policy-making arsenal; it's a revolution. Imagine the daunting challenge public policy makers face daily: they're swamped with mountains of data, yet often find themselves navigating through fog when making critical decisions. This is where we come in. Our platform uses a range of cutting-edge technologies, including Expert.ia, OpenAI, Lang Chain, and Neo4j databases. One of our latest integrations is with Llama 2, an advanced machine learning model. This inclusion takes our data analytics and interpretation to another level, enabling more nuanced understandings of complex issues and faster response times. It allows us to sift through the noise and find the signals that are often invisible or incomprehensible without a powerful analytical lens. So, why is it crucial to have multiple AI capabilities? In the realm of public policy-making, problems are multifaceted and interconnected. Single-layer analysis often falls short in capturing the complexity of societal issues. Multiple AI technologies provide a multi-dimensional, more holistic view, enabling us to tackle questions from different angles and dimensions. It allows us to be incredibly precise in understanding historical patterns, detecting real-time changes, and making future projections. As we initially focus on the U.S. health and education sectors—targeting a $1.8 million market segment within a broader $100 million market—we're offering not just another analytics tool but an intelligent agent for transformative change. The combination of high-end databases and various AI models equips us to process and understand data at an unprecedented scale and complexity. With this arsenal, we're empowering public policy makers to make informed, effective, and impactful decisions like never before. Our goal is not just to provide information but to offer wisdom—turning data into actionable insights that can genuinely make a difference in people's lives.

Hadox Human Networks
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Human Emulation System - Edge Edition

This cloud-hosted platform utilizes Clarifai and Open Source Llama 2 models to deliver a revolutionary AI experience. [Conceptual Foundation] At the core of this endeavor are dual Large Language Models (LLMs). These are not just any AI models; they are purpose-built to emulate the two hemispheres of the human brain. One LLM excels in analytical and logical reasoning, mimicking the left hemisphere's capabilities. In contrast, the second LLM focuses on symbolic understanding and creative interpretation, akin to the right hemisphere of the brain. [Harmonization Mechanism] To ensure these two divergent models work in concert, we reintroduce the foundational model as a mediating model. This simpler AI serves as a bridge, deciding when to utilize logical analytics and when to engage in artistic ideation. It integrates the outputs of both LLMs into a cohesive and nuanced chain of thought, thus creating an AI that can think dichotomously. [User Interface] The Web User Interface (WebUI) serves as the touchpoint for human interaction. It allows users to manage and interact with both LLMs and the Mediating Model. Designed with accessibility in mind, the WebUI offers a transparent look into how the AI thinks, reasons, and makes decisions. [Technical Integrity] As a full-stack project, we've designed both front-end and back-end components using standard web technologies and machine learning frameworks. This ensures a robust, scalable, and adaptable system capable of evolving as AI and web technologies advance. [Objectives and Impact] The ultimate goal is more than just technical achievement; it's to craft an elegant solution that balances the analytical and creative facets of thought, much like a human brain. The project reflects both the scientific rigor and artistic creativity inherent in complex problem-solving. Your engagement with this project offers a glimpse into the future of AI—a future where machines don't just calculate and sort but truly think and create.

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Image to Actionable Intelligence for Go-To-Market

Project Description: BPBot - Revolutionizing Business Planning and Go-to-Market Strategies In today's fast-paced business landscape, time is of the essence. Entrepreneurs and business leaders constantly find themselves racing against the clock to bring their innovative ideas to market and create successful go-to-market strategies. Enter BPBot, a groundbreaking solution that is set to transform the way businesses approach planning and strategizing. With BPBot, the days of spending countless hours poring over business plan templates and market research reports are over. This innovative AI-powered platform enables users to kickstart their business ventures using a single image as the foundation for an entire business plan. Imagine being able to capture the essence of your business concept in a visual representation and then effortlessly transforming that image into a comprehensive business plan. But BPBot doesn't stop at business plans. It takes your vision a step further by generating actionable go-to-market strategies. Image-to-Plan Transformation: BPBot's core functionality lies in its ability to interpret images and convert them into well-structured business plans, complete with executive summaries, market analyses, financial projections, and more. Imagine having an AI-powered model that can discern not only generic business components but also the intricacies that make your venture truly unique. With the Custom Model Building function, BPBot is equipped to provide insights that extend beyond conventional analysis. With its visionary approach to business planning and go-to-market strategies, BPBot is more than a project; it's a triumph waiting to be celebrated in the winners' circle.

Team Tonic
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Schrodinger ClarifaiLlama

We participated in an exciting 3-day hackathon by, combining Clarifai's industry-leading computer vision with Llama2's advanced natural language model developed by Meta. Overview of "Schrödinger's ClarifaiLlama" app For the hackathon, we built an AI-powered platform called "Schrödinger's ClarifaiLlama" that generates custom multimedia content on any topic by searching across indexed data. Leveraging Clarifai's computer vision and Llama2's language capabilities Our app showcases innovative ways to utilize Clarifai's deep learning for image and video analysis together with Llama2's ability to understand text and generate coherent content. Ingesting and indexing multimedia data The system ingests data from diverse sources like YouTube, PDFs, and images. Powerful vector search with Faiss indexes text, audio, and images for fast semantic retrieval. Generating custom content from user queries Users can query the system through a chat interface. Llama2 analyzes the queries and generates relevant ebooks or blog posts by pulling together content from the indexed multimedia data. Transforming multimedia into cohesive content Llama2's language mastery transforms disjointed multimedia information into smooth, cohesive ebooks and blog posts on the fly. Benefits of combining multimedia search with natural language generation By fusing robust semantic search across text, audio, and visuals with Llama2's content creation skills, our platform opens new possibilities for automated custom content generation.

Schrödinger's ClarifaiLlama Hackathon
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CareLink AI-Telecom Operation and Customer Support

CareLink is an innovative AI-powered solution poised to revolutionize the telecom industry's customer service and operational landscape. Powered by an array of cutting-edge AI technologies, such as natural language processing (NLP), ClarifAI's recognition and analysis, LLAMA2 integration for enriched interactions, and speech recognition for multi-channel accessibility, CareLink emerges as a transformative force in redefining the dynamics of customer support. At its core, CareLink addresses the evolving demands of telecom companies seeking to elevate customer interactions, optimize workflows, and enhance resource allocation. Anchored by AI-driven agents, the solution offers real-time technical issue resolution, ensuring customers receive swift, personalized troubleshooting. LLAMA2's integrated NLP enables agents to grasp user intent accurately, yielding contextually relevant responses mirroring human-like interactions. The revolutionary ClarifAI technology empowers CareLink with unprecedented issue categorization and routing efficiency. Smart ticketing directs each problem to the most suitable agent, backed by historical data for optimized technician allocation. A hallmark of CareLink is its seamless transition across voice and chat channels, ensuring consistent, context-rich interactions. Speech recognition integration further enhances customer accessibility. The solution's architecture, designed for scalability and customization, caters to telecom firms of varied sizes and complexities. Moreover, CareLink's pioneering position as an AI-driven telecom customer support solution offers a distinctive first-mover advantage, appealing to forward-looking telecoms aiming to stand out through superior customer support. In essence, CareLink empowers telecom companies to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and harness the potential of AI-derived insights.

CareLink AI Team
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Introducing Brainzy, an innovative online platform designed to enhance content comprehension and interaction. This website offers a two-fold solution to optimize information consumption. Firstly, Brainzy employs advanced algorithms to analyze webpages through their URLs, generating dynamic mind maps that visually represent the interconnected concepts within the content. This visualization aids users in grasping the structural essence of the material efficiently. Secondly, Brainzy provides succinct and coherent content summaries derived from the same webpage URLs. These summaries condense the key points and ideas, enabling users to swiftly grasp the essence of the content without delving into lengthy texts. This feature proves invaluable for time-sensitive scenarios or when dealing with copious amounts of information. Additionally, Brainzy integrates an interactive chatbot, leveraging the power of Clarifai's LLama2 AI. This chatbot not only assists users in navigating the mind maps and summaries but also responds to specific queries regarding the generated content. Users can engage in meaningful conversations, seek clarifications, and deepen their understanding through real-time interaction with the AI-powered chatbot. In essence, Brainzy redefines online information consumption by amalgamating the cognitive benefits of mind maps, the brevity of content summaries, and the interactivity of AI-driven chatbots. This synergistic approach transforms learning and comprehension into a seamless and engaging experience, catering to learners, researchers, and anyone grappling with online content.

GPT-3.5ClarifaiLangChainLlama 2

Introspective Workflow Generation Clarifai LLama2

In response to the demand for customizable AI assistants, we propose a solution leveraging the Clarifai platform. This involves developing adaptable workflows and models to overcome limitations of rigid approaches. Key technical elements: 1. **Workflow Generation:** A dynamic engine constructs workflows based on intuitive emoji sequences, enabling complex mathematical logic execution. 2. **Metadata Ingestion:** Our solution processes diverse enterprise data, enhancing AI's contextual understanding beyond images. 3. **Prompt Engineering:** Specialized models for domains and tasks using techniques like prompting and fine-tuning. 4. **Orchestration:** An end-to-end framework manages workflow generation, data ingestion, model training, and execution. Implementation: - Clarifai clients, APIs, and gRPC for scalability. - Kubernetes-based microservices for workflow steps. - CI/CD via GitHub Actions, facilitating versioning and testing. - Monitoring with Grafana, Prometheus, and Sentry. - Caching strategies for performance optimization. - Airflow for workflow pipelines. Context: - Users: Data scientists, ML engineers, SWEs. - Industries: Finance, insurance, healthcare. - Use cases: Personalized recommendations, customer service automation. Next Steps: - Develop MVP workflow generator. - Ingest sample metadata for data processing. - Curate prompts and fine-tune models. - Scale tests on larger datasets. - Establish CI/CD pipeline. - Implement monitoring and instrumentation. - Iterate for continued enhancements. Our solution aims to revolutionize AI assistance for enterprises, driven by Clarifai's platform and innovative technical approaches, offering flexibility and efficiency in workflow development and execution.



App Name: D-Llama Purpose: D-Llama is an application designed to assist users in analyzing and making informed decisions in the cryptocurrency market. It leverages various data sources and a conversational interface to provide market insights, technical analysis, and news updates. Key Features: Market Data Retrieval: The app fetches up-to-date cryptocurrency market data, including open, close, high, low, and volume for Bitcoin (BTC) at 1-hour intervals. It calculates technical indicators such as moving averages (SMA and EMA), Relative Strength Index (RSI), price variations, and volatility. Cryptocurrency News: The app scrapes cryptocurrency news from the web, focusing on Bitcoin (BTC). News articles are processed and organized for user access. Conversational Interface: Users can interact with the app by typing questions or requests related to the cryptocurrency market. The app processes user queries and responds with relevant information. Large Language Models and Clarifai Integration: The app integrates Large Language Models with Clarifai, a service that can process text data. It uses llm to assist in answering user questions and providing specific data from the market dataset. User-Friendly UI: The Streamlit-based user interface is user-friendly: allowing users to easily enter questions and receive responses. Users can select different models to answer their questions, including technical analysis models and more. How It Works: Users input questions or requests related to the cryptocurrency market into the app's interface. The app processes user queries step by step, extracting necessary data from the cryptocurrency market dataset. For complex questions, the app uses the llm integration to assist in generating relevant Python code to retrieve specific data. Users receive responses that may include technical analysis, market insights, or relevant news articles.

ClarifaiLlama 2

Recruitllama ai

Welcome to! Our platform revolutionizes recruitment with personalized experiences for candidates and streamlined processes for employers.Using advanced AI technologies like llama we enhance every aspect of the recruitment journey. Problem with the traditional process - Time consuming -- Sifting through numerous resumes and cover letters is a time-consuming task. screening hassle -- Shortlisting candidates based on resumes and cover letters is prone to misjudgment. inconsistent result -- Human efforts may not be the most accurate at identifying the best fit for a given position. ineffective method -- Traditional recruitment processes do not utilize the full potential of technology and artificial intelligence. Solution to the above problems is a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution to these problems. It puts the candidate at the center of its process and applies a breakthrough llama-based algorithmic approach to achieve unprecedented accuracy at speeds that haven't been seen before! Features of Candidate Sourcing - Leverage AI to source the right candidates from LinkedIn. Expand your reach and connect with the best talent that matches your specific job requirements. Resume Parsing - Advanced resume parsing capabilities using llama technology. Accurately and efficiently extract critical information from resumes. Shortlist candidates effectively and save time in the initial screening process. Candidate Scoring and Summary Personalized Engagement Benfits of Time Saving Cost-Effective Efficiency Optimization Better Candidate Fit

Resume shortlisting
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Llama HairSense

Problem Statement: Simplifying Hair Care Knowledge Acquisition Many individuals struggle to accurately determine their hair types, textures, and suitable care routines, leading to ineffective hair care practices. Existing hair care apps often require users to fill out lengthy surveys, demanding time-consuming research on their hair characteristics and needs. The lack of visual feedback in these apps further hinders users from making informed decisions about their hair care. There is a clear gap in providing an intuitive and comprehensive solution to address these challenges. Solution: HairSense - Your Visual Hair Care Companion HairSense is a pioneering project that bridges the gap between accurate hair care and user convenience. Leveraging advanced AI technologies, HairSense provides a seamless and user-friendly way for individuals to identify their hair types, receive tailored recommendations, and enhance their hair care routines. How HairSense Works: Visual AI Analysis: Users upload selfies or images through the app, allowing the Visual AI to comprehensively analyze their hair characteristics including type, texture, and damage level. Hair Type Identification: The Visual AI employs Clarifai's cutting-edge computer vision capabilities to accurately determine the user's hair type. Personalized Recommendations: The identified hair type is then passed to an AI Language Model (LLM), such as GPT-3, which generates curated hair care solutions tailored to the individual's specific needs. User-Friendly Interaction: Users receive the curated solutions as clear and concise text, avoiding the need for lengthy surveys and research. Prospects and Applications: HairSense holds immense potential in revolutionizing the hair care industry and user experience: 1. Consumer Hair Care 2. Hair Care Product Industry

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Llama 2Clarifai

AI-Driven Social Media Content Optimization

Our innovative solution, powered by AI, revolutionizes social media content optimization for platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, bloggers and podcasts. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Llama 2 model, we seamlessly generate hashtags for different social media posts, enhancing content discoverability. Recognizing the growing popularity of podcasts, we employ the state-of-the-art models, converting audio content into text transcripts. This integration enables podcasters to effortlessly refine their content for social sharing along with attention-grabbing descriptions and relevant hashtags. Moreover, we have incorporated the BLIP-2 model , enabling effortless conversion of images to text and extracting captivating captions. These captions are then enriched with platform-specific keywords and trending phrases, ensuring optimized engagement. We employed Open-CV framework model to process video files, transforming them into individual frames. These frames subsequently serve as inputs for the BLIP-2 and LLAMA2 model, enabling the generation of appropriate hashtags and meaningful captions. This innovation benefits both content-creators and users, as it facilitates efficient hashtag searches for desired content, enhancing the overall user experience. Overall, Experience a new era of content optimization where AI seamlessly transforms text, images, and audio into captivating social media posts, expanding reach, engagement, and impact across diverse platforms. Technical Aspects:- A web application has been built, employing AngularJS for the frontend and Flask for the backend. The application integrates Clarifai for hosting machine learning models, enabling advanced AI functions like image recognition and analysis. This fusion results in an engaging and intelligent user experience.

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