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Created by team Team Vision on January 16, 2024

Our project aims to empower visually impaired individuals by developing a device that enhances their interaction with the environment. These smart glasses seamlessly capture and interpret the surrounding environment, providing blind people with real-time spoken feedback. By incorporating advanced features like image capture, speech recognition, and cloud connectivity, our glasses empower users to effortlessly engage with the world. The glasses enable hands-free operation, allowing blind people to receive valuable information about their surroundings, fostering independence and enhancing overall accessibility. Our project solves the challenge of limited environmental interaction for visually impaired people. By developing advanced smart glasses, we aim to help them with real-time information about their surroundings without any external help. These glasses use multi- model llms and speech recognition, to provide spoken feedback, facilitating a more independent and accessible daily life. Our solution seeks to bridge the gap between visual impaired people and the world,. Our goal is to make life more independent and inclusive for the visually impaired people.Our project impact the lives of visually impaired individuals by providing them help through smart glasses. The cause lies in addressing the challenge of limited environmental interaction for the visually impaired. Our project helps in increasing independence, accessibility, and improving well-being for blind people.

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"Great use of hardware and Clarifai models. I loved the demo. using vision capabilities combined with Raspberry Pi as shown in the YouTube video is fantastic! Fantastic and couldn't have done any better. "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer

"Really like the live demo recording and the humanitarian aspect to this"


Artjom Kurapov