Cowork AI

Created by team CoWork on February 24, 2023

We believe that AI can help SMBs be more successful by saving time, generating, and reducing hiring cost. SMBs find social media challenging, time-consuming, and the alternatives to doing it by themselves are hiring a social media manager or ads agency which are costly. This is exacerbated by complex tech they need to navigate in doing this, such as understanding social media algorithms and data analyses on what performs better. We interviewed a pottery artist who said "Making Instagram Reels sucked the joy out of creating." We envision an AI social media manager that is affordable, effective and smart, while also always reliable, loyal and active. The AI social media manager will create more engaging and sales-generating contents in seconds instead of hours. All this can be done using text / natural language interface and data optimization in the background so SMBs do not have to navigate complex technical details. We also plan to improve the AI to the point that it can run SMBs social media independently, just like if you were to hire a coworker. This will enable SMBs to enjoy what they are doing more, be more efficient when doing business, and save business owners from stressful mistakes or failures.

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