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Created by team Jamie on December 22, 2023

Named after Jamie, a colleague that often helps my mom with questions about modern tech and taught her how to use WhatsApp. Jamie hence a familiar name to my mom perfect for this AI Voice Assistant. Jamie is an AI Voice Assistant to help my mom/ less tech savvy people navigate modern technology. Modern Technology is too difficult to navigate for mom / non tech-savvy Example questions I get from my my regularly: “"Jaswir, which button should I press to mute the tv?"” Solution: Jamie allows for verbal communication to get answers to questions like this. Can also upload images e.g photo of tv remote, to get better answers. Features: Verbal Communication Inputting Images Technologies used: Gemini Pro Vision + Langchain (For getting answers based on image input also) Trulens + Open AI (Fine Tuning Pipeline for the system) Streamlit (frontend of the website)

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"wow, it is a great application, our parents and grandparents really need it. excellent implementation of technology. i like how you revolved to this idea and using technology for it. thanks for making it posssible"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor

"Nice use of multimodal models for an original task and use of TruLens for evaluation in the finetuning pipeline. Areas of improvement: - The UX is not super intuitive, having to upload an image of the remote for input. The output would also benefit from displaying a highlighted image using something like a segment-anything model - It would be great to see how you were able to leverage the evaluations to improve the performance of your app."


Josh Reini