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Created by team ShelfAgent on August 20, 2023

🎩🎩 Welcome to TAiX, your personal tax magician! 🎩🎩 Are you tired of the endless repetition of tax management tasks, the same old song and dance, month after month? 😴 Do you find manual calculations as exciting as watching paint dry, but with the added bonus of potential errors that could lead to audits and financial setbacks? 😱 And let's not even get started on the time-consuming task of tracking ever-changing regulations! 🕰️ Well, fear no more! TAiX is here to make all these problems disappear in a puff of smoke! 💨 Designed for freelancers, startups, accounting firms, expats, and anyone who just wants to do their own accounting, TAiX is the simple and effective tool you've been waiting for. 🎯 Built for the Autonomous Agents Hackathon, TAiX Agent takes invoice and tax regulations data from Weaviate index and does your accounting and tax advice for you. No more manual calculations, no more tracking regulations, just simple, automated accounting. 🤖 We've used layoutlm-invoices to extract useful information and put it into the index. And we've wrapped it all up in a beautiful Streamlit app that we're proud to expose to the world! 🌍 So, if you want to take the pain out of tax management, give TAiX a try. We promise, it's more fun than a barrel of auditors! 🥳 Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Github for more exciting updates! 🚀 Remember, with TAiX, tax doesn't have to be taxing! 🎉

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