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Created by team Clawcode on March 14, 2023

Vi-chat is an innovative AI assistant aimed at helping mothers connect with their autistic children by converting their voice into images easily understood by autistic children as they are have difficulty processing spoken language but prefer pictures. we used openai model with their whisper and dall beta embedded to transform voice into images. this solution is never offered before to autistic children but it will help them communicate and boost their learning process. we plan to make this app go both ways from voice to image and from image to voice in near future and make it customized to every child and his preferences. We are very proud and honored to help autistic children and their mothers get connected together

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"Vi-chat is an impressive project that utilizes innovative AI technology to address the communication challenges faced by autistic children. By converting the mother's voice into images, the app provides a unique way for these children to understand and communicate effectively. The potential impact of this app on the learning process and communication abilities of autistic children is significant. With plans to expand and customize the app for each child, this project shows a great deal of promise"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"You have awesome aim and I would love to see how helpful it can be for parents! "


Olesia Zinchenko

Product Marketing Manager

"Great app - simple yet elegant - Directing it towards any kind of communication disorder is a good idea - this can also be used to communicate with people with hearing problems - so that you can instantly show them what you are talking about - this is a very positive model as it helps a lot of people but not a great business model as either a subscription, ads, or pay per use could not be very high. I would look for a commercial use and grow this as a side project for the community. Maybe a voice to image + a printer that prints on t-shirts in a shopping mall? Like a vending machine? Anyway great idea and I hope you keep growing it in the future. "


Alek Jankowski

Operations and Partner Manager