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Improved Learning: SchoolCrusher empowers students with easy access to educational materials and interactive tools, fostering a deeper understanding of subjects. Quizzes and Assessments: Students can access a variety of quizzes and assessments tailored to their grade level and subject. These quizzes not only help in assessing your knowledge but also provide immediate feedback and explanations for incorrect answers. Homework Solvers: Stuck on a tricky math problem or a challenging physics equation? SchoolCrusher's homework solver can assist you step-by-step, guiding you to the correct solution and explaining the process along the way. Essay Writers: Writing essays can be a daunting task, but SchoolCrusher's essay writer feature makes it easier. Students can input their essay prompts, and the chatbot generates well-structured essays, complete with citations and references, saving valuable time and reducing writer's block. Subject-Specific Support: SchoolCrusher specializes in a wide range of subjects, from mathematics and science to literature and history. It offers subject-specific insights, study tips, and additional resources to enhance your understanding. Study Plans: The chatbot can help students create customized study plans based on their goals and schedules. It takes into account upcoming exams and assignments to ensure efficient time management. Language Support: SchoolCrusher is multilingual, providing support in various languages to cater to a diverse user base. Personalized Learning: With customized study plans and subject-specific support, SchoolCrusher tailors its assistance to individual needs. Teacher Efficiency: Teachers can streamline their lesson planning and assessment processes, allowing them to focus more on teaching. Accessibility: The chatbot's 24/7 availability ensures that learning and teaching resources are always within reach.

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Stock Market Sentiment Analysis

Here's a breakdown of the key components and objectives of our project: 1. **Historical Data Analysis**: our project starts by collecting and analyzing historical stock data, which includes information such as stock prices and trading volumes. 1. **Price Movement Analysis**: One aspect of your analysis involves studying price movements. This includes examining the changes in stock prices over time to identify significant increases or decreases. By analyzing price movements, you can identify dates where the market experienced significant price fluctuations. 1. **Volume Movement Analysis**: Another important aspect of your analysis is studying volume movements. Trading volume refers to the number of shares traded during a specific time period. By analyzing volume movements, you can identify dates where there was a notable increase or decrease in trading activity. Unusual volume spikes can indicate significant market moves. 1. **Event Identification**: Once you have identified dates with significant price and volume movements, your project aims to associate those dates with specific events or news that occurred. This could involve correlating market moves with company earnings releases, economic announcements, geopolitical events, or other relevant factors. By identifying events associated with market moves, you can provide context and explanations for the observed trends. 1. **Future Expectations**: In addition to analyzing historical data, our project aims to provide insights into future market behavior. By giving you the

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Introducing the cutting-edge Virtual Manager platform tailored for College Athletes, where athletes can seamlessly connect with potential brands through AI-driven conversations. This innovative site will revolutionize brand partnerships by enabling athletes to engage in natural and personalized dialogues with prospective sponsors. The Virtual Manager will utilize a sophisticated AI algorithm to craft compelling scripts that integrate the brand's projects with the athlete's unique profile. Drawing from a comprehensive database of the athlete's past games and achievements, the AI-powered script generator will seamlessly weave together a synopsis of key moments and performance highlights. By factoring in the athlete's playing style, personality traits, and values, the script will resonate authentically, ensuring a genuine alignment between the athlete and the brand. This platform transcends the traditional means of sponsorship negotiations, fostering deeper connections by showcasing the athlete's journey and achievements in a relatable manner. The Virtual Manager site for College Athletes offers a streamlined interface where athletes can review, customize, and refine the generated scripts. The AI system adapts to feedback, continually improving its ability to capture the athlete's essence and effectively communicate with brands. Brands, on the other hand, gain insights into the athlete's on-field prowess, character, and fan following, enabling them to make informed sponsorship decisions. In essence, the Virtual Manager site for College Athletes stands at the crossroads of technology, sports, and business, redefining how athlete-brand collaborations are forged. By merging AI-generated scripts, past game synopses, and individual personas, this platform ensures a dynamic and fruitful partnership between college athletes and prospective brands, enhancing the sports sponsorship landscape in an unprecedented way.

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MindfulAI - AI Agents for Mental and Eye Health

Our idea is to use AI, ML and open source technologies to revolutionize the healthcare fields - specifically Mental Wellness and Eye Care using Autonomous AI Agents. These Autonomous AI Agents are using SuperAGI and deployed on AWS. We have given the choice to users on our landing page to use Eye Health or AI Therapist for their purposes. The Eye Health uses Eye Care AI Agent to track blinks of users and let them know how their eyes are and what is the blink status of their eyes using real time live webcam feed. This will help to notify users and recommend them best strategies for eye care and early stage detection and prevention from diseases like Dry Eyes Disorders. We have the AI Therapist that uses Mental Wellness AI Agent to track the moods of the user from a live webcam feed and the SuperAGI helps in replying to users based on the mood track what they should do in order to be in a good mood, this helps users to track real time their moods and get some suggestions from AI Therapist. People of all ages have the tendency to have long working hours and exposures to screens and devices. These causes issues for eyes and also mental health gets affected due to such behaviors, mental wellness and some basic guidance as initial steps for healthcare can be provided by the AI Therapist and that can help users to track their mental moods, in future we can also allow them to have chatbots and have conversations with AI Therapist and Eye Care Agent. Eye Care Agent can help in tracking blinks and how good their eye health is and can suggest if their blink count per minute is less than 12, it can suggest the users to have some time off, do exercises, take a break, engage in healthy activities and take care of themselves. Screen time and usage of users can also be tracked and it can help to suggest users what steps to be taken in terms of productivity, creative and efficient parental controls, gaining better leverage on data using insights from AI & ML

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WebML Assist

Elevate the realm of machine learning with "WebML Assist." This innovative project integrates the power of WebGPU and the capabilities of the "BabyAGI" framework to offer a seamless, high-speed experience in machine learning tasks. "WebML Assist" empowers users to build, train, and deploy AI models effortlessly, leveraging the parallel processing of GPUs for accelerated training. The platform intuitively guides users through data preprocessing, model architecture selection, and hyperparameter tuning, all while harnessing the performance boost of WebGPU. Experience the future of efficient and rapid machine learning with "WebML Assist." Technologies Used: WebGPU OpenAI APIs (GPT-3.5, GPT-4) BabyAGI Pinecone API (for task management) (for no-code AI components) Python (for backend) Redis (for data caching) Qdrant (for efficient vector similarity search) Generative Agents (for simulating human behavior). AWS SageMaker (for developing machine learning models quickly and easily build, train, and deploy). Reinforcement learning (is an area of machine learning concerned with how intelligent agents). Categories: Machine Learning AI-Assisted Task Management Benefits: "WebML Assist" brings together the capabilities of WebGPU and AI frameworks like "BabyAGI" to provide an all-encompassing solution for ML enthusiasts. Users can seamlessly transition from data preprocessing to model deployment while harnessing the GPU's power for faster training. The incorporation of AI agents ensures intelligent suggestions and efficient task management. By integrating AI, GPU acceleration, and user-friendly interfaces, "WebML Assist" empowers both novice and experienced ML practitioners to unlock the true potential of their projects, transforming the way AI models are built, trained, and deployed.

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Imagine reading a complex text, say Keynes's General Theory, and struggling to comprehend the intricate concepts. Now, imagine an intelligent assistant that takes these abstract concepts and links them to real-world scenarios and current events you care about - making learning not only simpler, but also engaging and relatable. That's exactly what MintAI offers! MintAI is your AI-powered personal learning assistant, transforming the way we approach learning complex material. It bridges the gap between theory and practice, enhancing your understanding and retention of information. But, it's not just about simplifying the material - MintAI is built on a sophisticated AI that understands your unique learning style and personalizes the content accordingly. What's more? You are part of an active learning community! MintAI encourages you to upload materials, interact with the AI, and comment on real-world events with an understanding of theoretical concepts. As a result, you're not just learning - you're applying your knowledge and contributing to the learning of others. At the core of our business model is a subscription service that offers access to premium features and personalized content. This ensures a sustainable and continuous platform enhancement, making MintAI your lifelong learning partner. Join us as we revolutionize the learning experience, making it easier, more engaging, and highly personalized. Welcome to MintAI – your future of learning.

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