SQLGenius- Smart Virtual Assistant

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Created by team SQLGenius on July 03, 2023

SQLGenius is a smart tool that assists C-Suite executives in querying databases in the plain English language and returns retrieved results with an option to download the data in csv format and a smart visualization engine which takes call on if a plot also needs to be generated or not for the given user query. Current features: 1. Transform User Query to Snowflake Query using AI21 LLM model 2. Format that query to fix it if any formatting issues 3. Retrieve results from the database for selected tables 4. Convert that result back to plain English and intelligently decide based on the query result what kind of response needs to be given 5. Retrieved data can be downloaded as a CSV file as well Future Scope: 1. Integrate visualization decision engine 2. Add voice assistant 3. Reduce response time 4. Add multi-table support for each user query

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