Alea for AirBnB

Created by team Underdogs101 on July 09, 2023

We built a revamped experience for P2P homestays, by developing a conversational agent that lives in the app. Alea is an innovative and conversational UI agent that enhances the Airbnb experience for both hosts and guests. As a personal assistant for hosts, Alea provides valuable guidance throughout the listing process. It suggests the best pictures, surveys the space, recommends optimal listing settings, and helps create a comprehensive list of amenities. Alea also simplifies guest communication by assisting hosts in crafting personalized messages and offers pricing insights to attract more guests. In case of any guest issues, Alea acts as a reliable support system, running checks and guiding hosts through resolutions. For Airbnb guests, Alea simplifies the booking and check-in process. It provides an intuitive interface for effortless bookings and offers helpful suggestions for convenient travel arrangements. Upon arrival, Alea streamlines the check-in process and offers a quick tour of the Airbnb, highlighting notable features like architecture, pet-friendly policies, and no-smoking rules. Guests can also rely on Alea for assistance with bedroom amenities and recommendations for local restaurants. Additionally, Alea readily provides the Wi-Fi code to ensure a connected stay. With its user-friendly and conversational interface, Alea revolutionizes the Airbnb experience, enhancing host productivity and guest convenience.

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