Smart decision with AI and cognitive science

Created by team Strategic Thinking Systems on July 28, 2023

Strategic Thinking Systems (STS) lies at the convergence of AI, cognitive science, spatial, web3, and voice! It facilitates the organization and communication of thoughts in the context of important, strategic decisions. It puts users in charge of their content by allowing control over what is shared and with whom, providing innovative monetization opportunities. Steve Jobs famously said the computer was like a bicycle for the brain. We contend that AI is turning it into a powerful electric bike. What is needed now are safe and smooth paths for everyone to reach their respective destinations, engage and participate in this age of abundance, and realize their full potential. Our early prototype is ready for brave beta testers who are comfortable using a still-evolving platform. We are looking for passionate individuals and forward-looking organizations to submit use cases, provide content, and help steer the vision toward a tool that will work for them. Why is voice important to our mission? First, it's a question of accessibility and inclusion. Not everybody can read and right. Second, it's a matter of communication. During this hackathon, we've implemented the multilingual model from ElevenLabs, and we were delighted by the results when we tested it with content in English, French, Spanish, Polish, Dutch and German. Third, it's a requirement, a must have to bring collaborative ideation to the metaverse, where keyboards are cumbersome at best, but mostly impractical. We believe that a great voice interface, for output and input, will be a game changer for the space of spatial experiences. Fourth, we strongly believe that a well-designed and implemented voice interface will be the key to achieve and maintain a state of flow, where your tools are not impeding nor slowing down your thoughts.

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"the idea is amazing, i really wanted to try it and see how it goes, but demo didn't work. also presentation needs more details about how it works and where to start. code is not available. this app have a high business value when it comes to the market. keep working on it"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor