Llama2 GPT CodePilot VSCode Extension

Created by team New CV and NLP on August 27, 2023

While coding, programmers rely heavily on documentation, and the process of switching windows every time you search for something could be obnoxious at times, especially if the device has only one display. We thought about a solution of speeding the process of developing by creating a code helper VSCode extension. Llama2 GPT CodePilot is aiming at helping software developers in building code or debugging their software by prompting the gpt making it coding convenient for developers with only one display. It uses a large language model, CodeLlama-7B-Instruct-GPTQ, takes input from the user, and generates a relevant response based on the text given. It is published on the VSCode extension marketplace under the name of "Llama2-GPT-CodePilot" and it is written in TypeScript

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