Doc AI Assistant

Created by team Artificial Rhinos on June 20, 2023

Our intelligent monday app helps you understand a document from your board more efficiently. It has the qualities of having a friendly conversational-style interface, responding promptly, and being multilingual. It is specifically designed to provide information from the document in the row, and if it doesn't detect a document, it prompts you to upload one to the column in order to use it. The application directly connects to the item on your board, from where it retrieves the PDF document. This document is processed to extract and clean the text for better understanding by the system. Once the text is extracted, embeddings of the text are obtained using the gpt-3.5 model and saved in a similarity search library. This allows the assistant to respond to the user's question with the most relevant information from the document. The assistant has question and answer memory, so it can link information with previous questions.

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