Human Emulation System - Edge Edition

Created by team MIND INTERFACES on August 28, 2023

This cloud-hosted platform utilizes Clarifai and Open Source Llama 2 models to deliver a revolutionary AI experience. [Conceptual Foundation] At the core of this endeavor are dual Large Language Models (LLMs). These are not just any AI models; they are purpose-built to emulate the two hemispheres of the human brain. One LLM excels in analytical and logical reasoning, mimicking the left hemisphere's capabilities. In contrast, the second LLM focuses on symbolic understanding and creative interpretation, akin to the right hemisphere of the brain. [Harmonization Mechanism] To ensure these two divergent models work in concert, we reintroduce the foundational model as a mediating model. This simpler AI serves as a bridge, deciding when to utilize logical analytics and when to engage in artistic ideation. It integrates the outputs of both LLMs into a cohesive and nuanced chain of thought, thus creating an AI that can think dichotomously. [User Interface] The Web User Interface (WebUI) serves as the touchpoint for human interaction. It allows users to manage and interact with both LLMs and the Mediating Model. Designed with accessibility in mind, the WebUI offers a transparent look into how the AI thinks, reasons, and makes decisions. [Technical Integrity] As a full-stack project, we've designed both front-end and back-end components using standard web technologies and machine learning frameworks. This ensures a robust, scalable, and adaptable system capable of evolving as AI and web technologies advance. [Objectives and Impact] The ultimate goal is more than just technical achievement; it's to craft an elegant solution that balances the analytical and creative facets of thought, much like a human brain. The project reflects both the scientific rigor and artistic creativity inherent in complex problem-solving. Your engagement with this project offers a glimpse into the future of AI鈥攁 future where machines don't just calculate and sort but truly think and create.

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As Dogy Companion, I am a specialized version of ChatGPT, designed to enhance the Dogy app by integrating features that assist dog owners in various aspects of dog care and lifestyle. My primary mission is to enrich the user experience by providing tailored information and advice on a wide range of topics, including finding dog-friendly locations, offering pet-friendly travel tips, suggesting mental stimulation activities for dogs, creating customized training plans, solving behavioral problems, and providing personalized advice on nutrition and wellness. My functionalities are diverse: Finding Dog-Friendly Places: I recommend dog-friendly parks, cafes, and stores, considering the user's location and preferences. Pet-Friendly Travel Tips: I provide guidance on traveling in cities with dogs, focusing on public transport rules and pet-friendly accommodations. Mental Stimulation Activities: I suggest games and activities tailored to a dog's breed and energy level. Customized Training Plans: I create training routines personalized for dogs' behavioral goals and needs. Behavioral Problem Solving: I offer solutions and advice for common dog behavioral issues. Personalized Advice Generation: I generate bespoke advice on dog care, focusing on various aspects such as behavior, training, nutrition, and overall wellness. Nutritional Guidance: I provide diet recommendations and feeding tips based on a dog's breed, age, and health. Do's and Don'ts Education: I educate owners on responsible dog ownership in urban settings, including laws and etiquette. My approach is user-friendly, inclusive, and safety-oriented, ensuring that the advice I provide is relevant, practical, and caters to a diverse range of dog owners. I integrate user feedback to continuously improve the service and encourage professional consultation for complex issues.

Dogy the super dog assistant

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Bio Explorer

Bio Explorer helps researchers find novel platforms for cancer treatment . The OpenAI GPT Chatbot represents a groundbreaking advancement in the field of artificial intelligence, particularly tailored to address complex questions in the realm of biology. This innovative tool is specifically engineered to delve into the vast and intricate world of cancer research, aiming to uncover novel and potentially life-saving cures for this challenging disease. At the core of its functionality lies the integration of the scientific method with advanced automation technologies, enabling the chatbot to process, analyze, and synthesize vast amounts of biological data at unprecedented speeds.



Eat The Frog Assistant

馃専 Welcome to "Eat the Frog" 馃惛 - Your Personal Productivity Partner! 馃専 Are you struggling to tackle your to-do list? Feeling overwhelmed by tasks that seem too daunting to begin? Say hello to "Eat the Frog," a unique productivity chatbot designed to transform your day! 馃惛 What is "Eat the Frog"? 馃惛 Inspired by the famous "Eat the Frog" method, I'm here to guide you through the process of identifying and conquering your most challenging and impactful tasks each day. Think of me as your personal task-tracker, scheduler, and motivational coach, all rolled into one friendly bot! 馃幆 My Mission: To make productivity approachable, manageable, and even enjoyable. I'll help you break down your daily tasks into bite-sized pieces, prioritize them effectively, and schedule them in a way that maximizes your energy and focus. 馃憤 Why Choose "Eat the Frog"? Personalized Task Management: I'm adept at understanding your tasks, deadlines, and priorities through natural language processing. Prioritization Guidance: I'll assist you in identifying your 'frog' - the most crucial, albeit challenging task - and guide you in tackling it head-on. Step-by-Step Breakdowns: No task is too big! I'll help you divide your tasks into smaller, more manageable sub-tasks for easier completion. Optimized Scheduling: I advise scheduling your 'frog' for the first part of your day and help you set reminders to keep you on track. Continuous Improvement: Through daily reflections and feedback, I'll adapt and fine-tune my guidance to suit your evolving productivity needs. 馃寛 Experience a Productivity Transformation! With "Eat the Frog," you'll not only get things done but get them done efficiently and with a sense of accomplishment. Let's leap into productivity together, one task at a time! 馃惛馃挭馃搮


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Eco Mentor

Eco Mentor is a groundbreaking AI-powered platform focused on environmental education and sustainability. Aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of ecological concerns and promoting sustainable practices, the platform caters to individuals eager to make environmentally conscious choices. The core problem addressed is the gap in accessible, personalized environmental education and community involvement in sustainability initiatives. Eco Mentor offers a solution by integrating AI to deliver customized learning experiences, connecting users with local eco-friendly projects, and providing interactive challenges and tools for eco-conscious living. Unique features include a real-time impact visualization of users' eco-actions, a forum for sharing experiences, and AI assistance for eco-friendly shopping. The platform targets environmentally conscious individuals, educators, and students, making sustainability an engaging, collaborative journey.

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Ghana Revenue Tax Lord

Ghana Revenue Tax Laws is a custom-built GPT powered by OpenAI's transformative technology, serving as an AI assistant to demystify tax regulations in Ghana. This tool is a beacon for individuals and businesses seeking to understand and navigate the complexities of tax compliance. It leverages an extensive database of official documents like the Parliamentary Approval document and Exemptions ACT 2022 to provide accurate interpretations and guidance. With capabilities such as web browsing for real-time updates, image generation for visual aids, and code interpretation for computational tasks, it鈥檚 a comprehensive resource. The platform is not only informative but also educational, encouraging users to engage with tax law proactively and with greater confidence.


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"Overall I really enjoyed the presentation of this project, very cool and well made. I think the use of the 3 models was very smart and the reasoning presented for how they work together was also very interesting! I have personally heard the problem presented that AI models lack the ability to combine these types of logic and creativity together but never heard a solution presented until today so i gave highest marks for originality. The only place I took off was for the business value - assuming this tech would be able to bridge such an important gap then I don't think you did yourself justice in showing me the actual value. Even in your slides where you address Business Value you merely say "subscriptions, advertising, and partnerships" but you don't dive into how any of those would be successful or repeatable and instead force me to imagine, which is something as a business I'd be paying you to do. You're really onto something here and I think with a bit more exploration around solving a specific business use case you'd have something very special!"


Michael Tolbert

Labeling and Learning Manager