AI Marketing Campaign Agent

Created by team Masterbot on June 02, 2024

Proposed Solution Project Description: "Our solution is an AI-powered chatbot that automates the creation and management of marketing campaigns. Hosted on Azure and leveraging OpenAI's NLP capabilities, our chatbot interacts with users to gather campaign requirements, generate creative content, and automate the scheduling and publishing process." Key Features: Natural Language Processing (NLP): "Users can seamlessly interact with the bot using natural language to specify their campaign needs." Content Generation: "Using OpenAI's models, the chatbot generates compelling text and images for marketing copies." Multimodal Input and Brand Questionnaire: "We gather detailed information about the brand and marketing objectives through structured questions to tailor the content precisely." Automated Scheduling and Publishing: "The chatbot automatically schedules and publishes content on platforms like Instagram and Facebook via Business Suite." Strategy Proposal: "We generate a comprehensive monthly marketing strategy calendar and a detailed PDF proposal, allowing clients to review and approve before publication."

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"Great idea, liked the ppt and that you covered the important areas. A voice over for the demo would help a lot."


Nate Rundberg

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"excellent idea, good ppt but needed some voice over to explain the app. demo didn't work. keep working on it. it is winning idea"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

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