CV Genie for Job Seekers

Created by team Sparta-hty on March 03, 2023

When looking for a job, on average a person must apply to 25 vacancies per week to get a single call. The complete process can take up to six months. This is because their resume is not well adapted to the particularity of each vacancy. At Hunty We are fighting against unemployment in LATAM and that is why we have created CV Genie, a product based on chat GPT. We are a Colombian employability startup where we help people to get their dream job. CV Genie is an assistant that automates the process of tailoring resumes to specific job openings. Our product uses the latest technologies to make the process quick and easy, providing users with a persuasive CV that increases their chances of getting hired by recruiters. we understand what people suffer when applying for a job. in the process of helping more than 4000 people in Colombia and Mexico, we now realise that AI is the tool that can scale the way we help job seekers to millions of people around the world.

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"Great use case. Super nice connection to a big problem that uses AI for automation and personalization. "


Pawel Czech


"CV Genie is an innovative solution to a persistent problem that job seekers face globally. The product leverages chat GPT and latest technologies to automate the process of tailoring resumes to specific job openings, which significantly increases the chances of job seekers getting hired. The product has been successfully implemented in Colombia and Mexico, helping more than 4000 people, and now aims to scale globally to help millions of job seekers. The business value of CV Genie is evident in its potential to save job seekers time, improve their employability and reduce the unemployment rate. The presentation of the project is clear, concise, and highlights the product's unique features effectively. The application of technology and originality is also commendable. Overall, CV Genie is an excellent product that could potentially revolutionize the job search process, and I would rate it a 4 out of 5 based on the evaluation criteria"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor