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Created by team Team Tonic on December 21, 2023

Enterprise Autonomation Agent Do not wait for accounting, legal or business intelligence reporting with uncertain quality and long review cycles. DataTonic accelerates the slowest part of analysis : data processing and project planning execution. Main Benefits DataTonic is unique for many reasons : local and secure application threads. compatible with microsoft enterprise environments. based on a rigorous and reproducible evaluation method. developper friendly : easily plug in new functionality and integrations. How we use it : Multi-Consult Technology You can use datatonic however you want, here's how we're using it : add case books to your folder for embedding : now DataTonic always presents its results in a case study! add medical textbooks to your folder for embedding : now DataTonic helps you through med-school ! add entire company business information : Data tonic is now your strategic advisor ! ask data tonic to create targetted sales strategies : now DataTonic is your sales assistant ! Data Tonic is the first multi-nested agent-builder-of-agents! Data Tonic uses a novel combination of three orchestration libraries. Each library creates it's own multi-agent environment. Each of these environments includes a code execution and code generation capability. Each of these stores data and embeddings on it's own datalake. Autogen is at the interface with the user and orchestrates the semantic kernel hub as well as using Taskweaver for data processing tasks. Semantic-kernel is a hub that includes internet browsing capabilities and is specifically designed to use taskweaver for data storage and retrieval and produce fixed intelligence assets also specifically designed for Autogen. Taskweaver is used as a plugin in semantic kernel for data storage and retrieval and also in autogen, but remains an autonomous task that can execute complex tasks in its multi-environment execution system.

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"Cool use of evaluations to automatically find the best RAG configuration for user-uploaded data. Would have liked to see more of a working demo to really see it in action."


Josh Reini


"Great work. i would love to see demo working to evaluate it more. presentation is great but lacks many items to complete. this project really needs more detailed pitching ppt. keep working on it."


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor