Procedural Creativity

Created by team The USS Galaxy on May 26, 2023

All of the currently available AI-assisted writing tools (that I’ve seen, at least) are based upon the goal of producing finished prose. This is fantastic, and is incredibly useful for small sections of text, but all of their systems tend to fall apart when they are applied to longer pieces. Writing a novel is different from writing an email. As an alternative, I propose a more layered system of content generation, with the AI acting as a writing assistant along the way. This system must allow for the following: -Rapid creation of new content, with the ability to overcome “writer’s block” -The ability to generate tens of thousands of words without entering a hallucinatory spiral. -Complete customizability, since the needs of each writer will be unique -Adjustable “autopilot”, to retain the feeling of actually writing a novel I believe that I have succeeded at a prototype of such a system. The UI isn't there yet, but the tools WORK.

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