InnovAItio - The personalised chat app

Created by team InnovAItio on August 01, 2023

Revolutionising how communication works, this hyperintelligent chat app is aimed at personalising your texting experience. Every text message you receive can be heard in the voice of the sender !! Not only does it make texting feel expressive and real, the app is an excellent tool for the visually impaired. They can participate in texting, finally feeling included in fnfivisual and group chats. The app first saves a person's name, number, description and a voice recording in a database (contacts). This voice recording can be between 1 and 5 minutes. Whenever someone saved in your contacts messages you, the app uses eleven lab's voice cloning feature and text to voice AI to then generate an audio that emulates the text message.

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"Great work and well executed. The submission uses the relevant technology and addresses business value of the product."


Chinmay Jog

Machine Learning Engineer