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Created by team BYTE on November 18, 2023

Transform Your Diet with Our AI-Powered Nutrition App: Discover personalized dietary guidance with our innovative app, combining AI technology and personalized nutrition. Tailored to enhance your health and wellness, our app caters to your unique dietary needs and goals. Key Features: Personal Health Profiling: Input your health details, including allergies, weight goals, and exercise habits. Upload medical documents for an in-depth analysis. Instant Nutritional Label Analysis: Scan food labels to understand their nutritional content instantly. Customized AI Dietary Advice: Using Weaviate's vector database, our AI algorithm provides personalized dietary recommendations based on your health data and food label information. Personalized Internet-Enabled Suggestions: Coral, our intelligent chatbot, uses's RAG connector to retrieve tailored nutritional information and user data, ensuring responses that meet your specific dietary needs. Healthier Product Alternatives: The app employs's RAG search-query-generator and Google's Custom Search API to find better-suited food products on Amazon, aligning with your health profile. Data Security and Privacy: Weaviate's multi-tenancy feature ensures the protection of your personal information through secure session tokens. Streamlined User Interface: Our Streamlit-powered interface provides an intuitive and seamless user experience. Robust Heroku Backend: Hosted on Heroku, the app guarantees reliable and scalable performance. Purpose: This app is your pocket-sized dietitian, simplifying nutrition labels into actionable advice. Whether managing allergies, pursuing weight goals, or enhancing athletic performance, our app offers a spectrum of dietary solutions through cutting-edge AI and comprehensive data analysis.

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"Nowadays, maintaining our health is elusive. A good diet plan is very helpful in making life more comfortable. Your idea has been amazing and has immense market interest. The demo works flawlessly. Good luck. "


Muhammad Mubashir Hassan


"I love that you chose to build a mobile app, and how you took advantage of it, by taking a picture of an item to get advice about it. I like the combination of various tech, and how each plays a role in the overall user journey. Also, a great use of multitenancy."


Sebastian Witalec

Head of DevRel