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Created by team The Voice on July 30, 2023

Our web application is based made up of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and JSON on this concept to summarize data from research articles ,reviews and PDFs and to summarize them as it is not possible for a person who cannot pay for the paid AI tools for summarization of data also our application provides audio version of summarize data so if the user wants to listen to it and memorize it by hearing it he/she may can. It can be helpful for blind people, people with weak eyesight and those who want to travel and listen to important topics. It can be helpful for people whom don't have enough time to prepare for a speech or they have to present a summary they can use it.

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"As a researcher and a person who readers research papers on a daily basis, this application could save a lot of time. I liked the idea of summarizing research papers, and converting them in to audio. Although the idea is in a very early stage and is not optimised for research papers but I belive there is a market traction towards this idea which has not been mentioned in the presentation at all. Otherwise, well done!"


Muhammad Inaamullah

ML Engineer

"I'm sure this idea could save a lot of time! Sometimes it's hard for me to focus on reading and I prefer audiobooks. I would like to do the same with documents! I hope you will continue to develop this idea, because I could really use such an app."


Daniel Duccik