Claude for SmartSnap edu app

Created by team Vantage Wave on June 04, 2023

SmartSnap is our mobile application (already publicly available) that uses AI technologies to help students with their school homework. The user takes picture or types in a text of the problem, our application analyses it and provides step-by-step solutions using generative AI technologies. We are building separate AI models for different subjects and plan to provide different learning experiences for each. Currently, we have a specialised model for maths and a more general one for other subjects. For the Anthropic AI hackathon, we decided to use Claude API for a new use case - helping students with text comprehension tasks. We created two endpoints: one for a summarisation task, the other for Q&A in the given text context. We integrated these endpoints into our application with a new interaction screen. Thanks to Claude AI, the user is able to scan text from a reading comprehension test, immediately receive a summary, and then "chat with text". Anthropic AI's Claude AI is an ideal solution for text comprehension tasks, primarily due to its ability to process large contexts, effectively handling up to ~70k words. In addition, the AI is designed to be helpful, honest and harmless. Maintaining the honesty of information and causing no harm is well suited to educational applications where accurate and safe answers are crucial.

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"Great idea with the potential to make a significant impact on the education system. I'm excited to see more of SmartSnap in the future. Good luck!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green

"I really like the initiative to expand the world of teaching with AI. My recommendation would be to research some evidence-based learning methods and build on this idea even more :D"


Nate Rundberg

Slingshot Project Coordinator