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Created by team Etrog on June 22, 2023

Our solution addresses meeting challenges where inefficient summaries, lost insights, forgotten tasks, and time constraints often hinder productivity. To tackle these issues, we are developing an innovative approach that leverages automation and AI technology to streamline the meeting process and enhance collaboration. Automation for Efficiency: Introducing automated meeting artifacts to streamline documenting, analyzing, and acting on meeting discussions. Video Calls Transcription: Implementing an advanced transcription system that converts every spoken word from your video calls into text in seconds. Automated Task Generation: Leveraging AI to generate tasks directly from the video call, ensuring that every critical point is transformed into an actionable item. Capturing Insights: An intelligent system to extract critical insights from your discussions, ensuring no valuable information is lost. Integrated Team Video Call: The convenience of conducting team video calls directly in the app, ensuring a seamless workflow.

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