AI Meditations App

Created by team AI Meditations on July 28, 2023

AI Meditations app empowers individuals to take control of their mental well-being and life and achieve their goals, easily through personalized meditations. Our distinct proposition lies in the mix of meditation with self-programming techniques, all powered by AI. We intend to make this app a trustworthy friend in everyone's mindfulness journey, enabling each user to create a unique meditation tailored to their specific requests. Our app includes the set of customizable features such as voice diversity, language preferences, and background music. In the future, we will add duration, more advanced music library and voice emotions. Our primary audience covers health-conscious individuals, mindfulness enthusiasts, and professionals seeking stress relief. The market potential is in favor, there are very few direct competitors, and demand for mental health boost is growing (see the slide 23 in the presentation). Our goal within one year of launch is to garner 30-50k users with an engagement rate of at least 30%. We aim for a user base comprising 85% free users and 15% paid users. Our mission is to enhance individual well-being, embodying our slogan, 'You are the director of your meditation!' On the technical front, the app is built using Python, leveraging the OpenAI API for AI functionalities and Eleven Labs' text-to-voice feature to deliver a cool meditation experience. As for a frontend, we used React to make the user interface intuitive and friendly.

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"I loved the concept of AI Medidations, a perfect solution for that addresses the problem of customized meditating plans that other applications lack. Plus, the code is well-written and executed with proper formatting and arrangement. As per the application's UI, there is still room for improvement, but overall, this team looks like the really went off the charts to build. You ticked all the boxes. Well Done! :)"


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer

"Great job, team, and an incredible presentation! AI Meditations App seems to address the lack of personalization and customization that many meditation apps currently have. I'm looking forward to seeing the next features that will be implemented. Good luck in your endeavor!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green