Tinnitus Health Care Communication Application

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Created by team SoundSaviors on November 09, 2023

Experience an advanced platform leveraging Vectara's Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology to offer tailored insights into tinnitus and related subjects. Our platform, enriched with hashtag filtering derived from LDA topic modeling, empowers users to seamlessly navigate through clickable keywords, unlocking a vast repository of information. Designed to cater to diverse user roles—researchers, explorers, and individuals coping with tinnitus—the platform goes beyond traditional summaries. For those coping, this feature serves as a valuable tool for self-management and knowledge enhancement. Gain personalized insights that aid in understanding, managing, and communicating the intricacies of tinnitus, fostering a supportive community. Researchers benefit from the ease of access to curated content, streamlining the research process and facilitating advocacy for further exploration. The generative summary tool becomes an indispensable asset in advancing knowledge, promoting awareness, and catalyzing further research initiatives. Join us on this journey toward comprehensive tinnitus understanding, where personalized insights meet community-driven support and advocacy for ongoing research.

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"Great project! Looks like you put a lot of work into this."


Shane Connelly

Head of Product

"A great tool for clinical research and potentially can be a good competitor to other research tools. Well implemented prototype and a good presentation. "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer

"Very nice application. I like how you customized the results to each role."


Ofer Mendelevitch

Head of DevRel

"- Very attractive slides. Good framing of the scenario and the problem you are trying to address. - Good explanation of how different vectara features are used to adjust the user experience based on the persona. - UI in the application is clean. - Well structured git repo, with good docs."


Justin Hayes

Head of Field Engineering