Created by team Autoplete on August 21, 2023

Workplete as the word suggest "Work-Complete" your day to day web browser tasks for you. Be it ordering something from Amazon, booking an Uber, ordering something from Zomato, make a tweet, it automatically completes the tasks with one single line prompt eg. "Open amazon and add 3 notebooks to cart". It goes from "write an article on X topic" to "write the article, and publish it at Y". Workplete uses the brain of GPT and gives hands to it to control and automate the web browser tasks. It uses the langchain framework, OpenAI's api's ( GPT-4 ) brain. It iteratively takes action, decides the future steps, does one at a time, after completing one subtask, moves to the next one. It ends its execution as soons as it thinks the objective has been achieved.

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