Created by team MentalSync on July 24, 2023

For example, MentalSync can act as a neutral third party during a disagreement, asking probing questions to help partners uncover the underlying issues driving their conflict. By providing an unbiased perspective, the AI model can help couples see their situation more objectively and encourage them to consider alternative viewpoints. Furthermore, MentalSync can also generate potential solutions to the conflict, which the couple can then discuss and evaluate together. It is basically a Telegram bot which can send/receive voice messages. MentalSync is an AI bot which manages relationships and solves problems. You can complain to the bot about what you don't like or would to change in your partner. Bot will present your message in the convenient way and send to your partner. Partner can respond and share his problems or what he doesn't like as well. By that you will have AI bot which can resolve conflicts and connect people by providing solution responses.

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"MentalSync smartly applies AI as an unbiased mediator to help couples resolve conflicts and strengthen relationships. Great job!"


Olesia Zinchenko

Product Marketing Manager