dAPP uP with SvelteKit

Created by team dAPP uP on August 11, 2023

Users can freely sketch on a canvas that dynamically adjusts to the window's dimensions. The app leverages the HTML5 Canvas 2D context for immediate drawing capabilities. It contains placeholders for future integration with the WebGPU API, signaling an ambition to harness next-generation graphics rendering. The project also offers an undo feature, allowing users to revert recent changes with a CTRL+Z keyboard shortcut. Built on the Svelte framework, the app emphasizes a component-centric approach, ensuring modularity and ease of enhancement. While currently capitalizing on traditional canvas operations, its structure anticipates the evolution of web graphics through WebGPU. The project itself was unsuccessful, as this was aimed at seeing if GPT-4 could achieve the ability to implement WebGPU into the code.

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