FoodBro - your personalised meal planner

Created by team AI Freaks on June 28, 2024

FoodBro, your partner for a better change! Today, for too many people highly processed food has been serving as a primary source of nutrition. It's not easy to point out a single root cause for that problem, however a significant part of science papers claims lack of people knowledge and consciousness of living healthy. At that point, we may ask ourselves. If we wanted change, what would we done? Firstly, we would bring about the app solving the problem by no time and then move on with educating these people in order to emerge change for longer. That's what our app does. It takes an advantage of the highly skilled OpenAI LLM in order to support user with making healthy choices. The app is written in SWIFT and as for now work for iOS system exclusively. It's virtually free, excluding the fact you need to enter your own OpenAI key. Find details here:

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