Created by team RVG on March 07, 2024

The problem SkyDoc solves Patchy Connectivity: Limited or unreliable internet access in rural areas. No Doctor Available: A scarcity of medical professionals accessible to rural patients. No Healthcare Facilities: Lack of local healthcare infrastructure or clinics. No Awareness + Basic Knowledge: Limited health awareness and basic medical knowledge among rural populations. Instant Healthcare Features: Voice and Video Call Appointments: Connects rural patients with doctors via video calls. Seamlessly transitions to voice calls in areas with poor network connectivity. Supports communication in local languages. Disease Prediction Using ML: Utilizes Machine Learning for early detection and prediction of diseases. Analyzes patterns and factors contributing to disease onset. Enables proactive healthcare management and personalized care plans. WhatsApp and SMS Diagnostics: Offers health updates and diagnostic information via SMS and WhatsApp. Ensures continuous communication between healthcare providers and patients. Includes details about health status and future appointments. Healthcare AI Assistant: A chatbot that provides 24/7 health-related information and advice. Powered by advanced AI for accurate and swift responses. Enhances decision-making and access to health information. Education Center: Features educational videos on a variety of healthcare topics. Offers practical demonstrations and expert-led content. Aims to increase health awareness and proactive management among users.

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