Created by team Agora Spartans on August 21, 2023

At ikigAI, we are building more than just a technological agent; we're cultivating a thriving community. Our vision is rooted in the concept of Ikigai, the Japanese philosophy of finding one's purpose. Here's how it works: Discord Community Upon entering our Discord server, users are invited to take a unique Ikigai Survey. This survey is not just a series of questions; it's a pathway to self-discovery. Role Assignment Based on their answers, users are assigned specific roles like techy, artsy, etc. These roles act as identifiers, allowing members to see at a glance others who share similar goals and passions. Building Connections Our community is designed to foster connections and collaboration. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration or a tech enthusiast looking for like-minded innovators, ikigAI is your space to grow and succeed together. Meet Our Agents ikiguy: Your friendly guide and community companion. auto-ikigAI: An advanced robotic guide offering analytical insights and guidance. (Coming Soon) baby-ikigai, smol-ikigai, etc.: These future agents will be specialized tools to assist users in achieving their individual goals. A Community of Growth ikigAI is more than a Discord server; it's a movement towards understanding ourselves better and helping each other succeed in our individual missions, vocations, passions, and professions. Whether you're just starting your Ikigai journey or are well on your path, we welcome you to join us and discover the joy of living a life filled with purpose. Join us today and find your Ikigai! https://discord.gg/9Bwbg5fbX

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