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Created by team TranslationAugmentedGeneration on May 15, 2024

Challenge: Image generation from text in local languages. Tracks: helps all 3 categories of culture preservation, sustainable agriculture and promoting tourism The solution developed for the Soro Benin Hackathon aims to preserve local languages and cultural identity in Benin through AI-generated images and text. The application uses a prompting technique called Translation Augmented Generation to generate culturally nuanced images from prompts in Yoruba, Fon, and Dendi languages. It also answers questions related to agriculture, tourism, and current events in these languages. The solution leverages existing language models and APIs, saving costs compared to training new models from scratch. It addresses challenges in cultural preservation, sustainable agriculture, and tourism by providing AI visuals and information in local languages, aiding communication and showcasing Benin's unique heritage to drive sustainable practices.

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"Translation augmented generation is definitely a great ideas"


Arnauld Adjovi