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Created by team VoiceUp on July 12, 2023

Reelify will be used by content creators to automate their reel creation. It can go from custom text or generated version, implement voice cloning or default voices available from ElevenLabs to create Instagram, youtube, TikTok reels, or any short-form video content. Expanding this idea to take video as input, where users can put in their entire youtube channel and we can spin out youtube reels based on their content. Additionally, for any newsletter of a blog post, we can turn that text format into engaging reels that will grow the audience. The idea is to implement scheduling as well, so you could come in, upload your entire course or youtube cannel and have the reels automatically be created and posted whenever you want.

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"Using a mixed combination of tech stacks such as DALL-E, chatGPT-3.5 is a great blend. I loved that you asked the user to enter the text and video separately but if you could add a mechanism where the AI model suggests the user to select a similar video as per the text provided by them. This could be wonderful. Moreover, the presentation was wonderful, the Github repository is well maintained as well as not to mention the application worked very smoothly. Good Job! :) "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer

"Your project has a lot of applicability and market potential, especially in the growing field of short-form video content. You have demonstrated your technical skills and creativity in developing this tool. Overall, I think you have done a great job with your project. I wish you all the best in the hackathon and in your future endeavors. Blessup for your participation."


Ndim Donald

NoCode Entrepreneur