Intention Engine

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Created by team Intention Engine on August 21, 2023

In a world where we will be able to optimize for anything, The intention - or what to optimize for is everything. What is needed is a digital platform that prioritizes genuine, user-centric experiences over mere engagement metrics, ensuring content relevance without compromising privacy, trust, or well-being. Intention Engine is this platform. It has a autonomous chatbot with the purpose of understanding and digging deeper into what the user choices to talk about. The current autonomous are clarifying intentions and allowing for them to be updated through the chatbot based on the amount of time that had passed since last interaction. This ensures intentions and personalized experiences are relevant to you in any given moment of time. We offer a REST API that 3rd party businesses connect to and use to power personalized experiences aligned with intention. User data doesn't cross into the hands of the 3rd party because of weaviate's vector databases and security setup. Besides being a better user representation than current market solutions, law makers are restricting the current competitors with data laws and regulations. This makes it a perfect time to enter advertising and/or product development/dev tools market.

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