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Created by team Verbify on July 29, 2023

Imagine of world of no language barrier. Imagine a world were kids in Africa or Afghanistan (who only understand thier local language) getting higher quality education from tutors in more advanced countries because they're no longer limited by language. The internet has allot of free knowledge which can potentially improve the way of life of my citizens of third world countries but one major hindrance is the language barrier which prevents them from accessing information from other parts of the world. The goal of verbify is to break this language barrier especially in video and audio contents/informations. This solution (verbify) will greatly increase equality and give citizens of less privileged countries access to a higher standard of education and information therefore improving they're access to opportunities and finally they're way of life.

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"great work, great implementation of technology, keep up that hard work. this will be of high business value if went well to develop into business."


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor